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What if a player/coach is absent on the day of the shoot?

If a player or coach is absent on the day of the shoot, the subject will be listed on the photo as ‘Absent’.  If requested by the club or team manager, a headshot may be inserted into the photo.  There are 2 options for headshots inserts:

Headshot insert – Photo must be taken by Kangaroo Photos Photographer

The subject may have his or her headshot taken by a Kangaroo Photographer either before or within 7 days of the photo shoot, by coming along to another night’s shoot
(if over multiple nights), or by coming along to another Kangaroo Photos shoot at another sporting club.  Please note, if the subject does not place an order, a team photo will be provided at $15 to be deducted from the club’s fundraising total.

What if it is raining on the day when we have requested an outdoor shoot?

When booking an outdoor shoot, it is necessary to have an alternate, under cover location arranged, in the event of bad weather. Please note that if it is an indoors location, the photographer will require access to power and time to set up the backdrop & lights. When the weather looks like it could turn bad, the photographer will come prepared with an indoor kit, and may contact you prior to the shoot to discuss the arrangements.

What happens if one team can’t make it?

Depending on the conditions of your booking, you may be able to simply re-schedule that team for another date. However, if your booking includes 1 shoot only, then for a fee of $330 (inc GST), Kangaroo Photos can send a photographer out specifically for the team that was unable to make the specified date. As we trust you would understand, there are costs involved every time a photographer is booked for a photo shoot, and this fee enables us to continue to provide the quality of service we are renowned for. On some occasions, clubs have arranged for absent teams to attend another club’s team photo shoot in their area. Talk to us so that we can help you work out a solution.

What if a player does not bring his/her uniform?

For a professional looking team photo, it is essential that all players are in full uniform. This includes top, shorts, socks and runners/boots. If a player does not arrive in his/her uniform, it is the responsibility of the team manager to find a uniform that fits so that the player can be a part of the team photo, in full uniform.   If a uniform cannot be found, the Photographer will place the player in a position in the photo that does not stand out. 

How long do I need to schedule between each team photo?

When scheduling a team photo event, we suggest the following time allocations:

Basketball/Netball – 10 to 15 minutes apart
Soccer/Cricket – 15 to 20 minutes apart
Football/Rugby – 20 to 30 minutes apart

In our experience, these time allocations will allow enough time for setting up team photos and individual portraits. Remember, our photographers will always take individual portraits of ALL players whether or not they have ordered individual products.

Once you have scheduled your team photo shoot, please email it through to our office, so that we can review it and forward it to the photographer.

Team Photo Bookings

How do the players purchase the photos?

Team photos can be purchased for each player on behalf of the club on an invoice basis, or each player can order individually with the order forms and envelopes that we provide for you.   Just like school photos, players bring their order forms, complete with payment and hand to their team manager on the date of the shoot. 
How much does it cost for Kangaroo Photos to shoot our team photos?

Kangaroo Photos will come out to your club FREE OF CHARGE at least once to take your team photos.   Some larger clubs may require more than one day scheduling all their teams in.  Our team members will let you know how many dates your club is eligible for. 

What is the minimum number of teams required?

We don’t want any club to miss out on having their team photos taken, just because they’re a small club. So that we can maintain our level of service to our clients, certain conditions apply to each booking. Click on Booking Enquiry to with the club size details and one of our Account Managers will be in touch soon.

Can I schedule our team photos over more than one night?

Depending on the size of your club, you may be entitled to more than one FREE photo shoot. As a general rule, in terms of scheduling, see below:

Small Clubs (Up to 150 members) – 1 FREE shoot
Medium Clubs – (150 - 350 members) – up to 2 FREE shoots
Large Clubs – (more than 350 members) – Min 2 FREE shoots

How much notice do I need to give to secure a date?

We require a minimum of 3 weeks (21 days) notice. This gives us time to arrange & deliver envelopes to you and to book photographers, and gives members enough notice so that the shoot is well planned & organised. The more notice given, the more chance you have of securing your preferred date, and the better organised your team photo shoot will be.

As a club representative, what do I have to do?

Your responsibilities will include:

  •  Notifying club members & officials of the date of the team photos
  •  Distributing order forms and team envelopes to team managers, who then distribute the individual envelopes to the players to take home & give to parents/guardians.
  •  Liaise with Kangaroo Photos administration regarding details of the booking (ie. Supply of logo, team lists, bank details (if applicable) and so on).
  •  Create a schedule for the date of the team photos, and notify teams of their scheduled time.
  •  Email this schedule to Kangaroo Photos, along with an electronic spreadsheet of the players names, one week prior to your photo shoot.
  •  Meet (or arrange for someone to meet) the photographer 1 hr prior to the shoot for set up. · Be present (or arrange for someone to be present) for the duration of the shoot.
  •  Rave about us to other clubs who could utilise our services!

How can I ensure that the shoot runs smoothly?


A schedule is vital to ensure all team managers inform their players of the time they are to arrive for their team photos. Get them to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled shoot time (or more if they have a reputation of being late). We’ll do everything we can to ensure the shoot runs smoothly, and we’re here to help if you need to ask anything. If players are on time, then there’s more chance that the shoot will run smoothly and efficiently, and will be an enjoyable experience for all concerned!

Event promotion

The ‘Photo Shoot Handbook’ gives you everything you need to successfully promote your event, including clubroom posters, fliers for parents, and advice for reminding parents.  You’ll receive this when you receive your order forms & envelopes.

What happens if I’ve booked an outdoor shoot, and it rains?

When booking an outdoor shoot, it is necessary to have an alternate, under cover location arranged, in the event of bad weather. Please note, that if it is an indoors location, the photographer will require access to power and an extra 15 minutes to set up the backdrop & lights. When the weather looks like it could turn bad, the photographer will come prepared with an indoor kit, and may contact you prior to the shoot to discuss the arrangements.

What if I need to change the date of our team photo booking?

If you need to change the date of a booking, please notify us immediately.

Can I cancel a booking?

Once a booking has been confirmed, cancelling that booking may incur a $350 cancellation fee. If you’re having difficulties, talk to us so that we can help you work out a solution to any challenge that arises in organising your team photos.   If it’s the first time you’re organising photos for your club, make sure you let us know so that we can help you.

Proofing and Delivery

When will I receive my Template Proof?

You can expect to receive your team photo template proof 7 days prior to the day of the shoot. 

Can I proof the spelling before going to final print?

Absolutely!  Kangaroo Photos offers all clubs the opportunity to proof the spelling of player’s names before going to final print.  Just advise a Kangaroo Customer Service Representative at the time of your booking.   Please note, proofs will be sent approximately 10 days after the last day of your shoot.

I’m too busy to check the proofs before going to print, what do I do?

No worries!  Kangaroo Photos prides itself on getting your photos back with great accuracy!  If you are happy for us to go directly to print based on the spelling given to us by the Team Managers then no problems at all. Please note, any spelling mistakes that occur due to incorrect information being supplied to Kangaroo Photos will result in us reprinting 1 photo for the Player whose name has been misspelt.

When can I expect to receive the team photo final prints?

21 days! That’s right; Kangaroo Photos will be turning all team photos around in 21 days (For Clubs who do not want to proof their photos).  For those Clubs that want to proof all photos,  the sooner you get your changes/approvals back to us, the sooner we can deliver your prints. Once we’ve received the changes/approvals, allow up to 10 days to receive your final prints. IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC DATE BY WHEN YOU REQUIRE YOUR TEAM PHOTOS (IE. PRESENTATION DAY/NIGHT), PLEASE ADVISE US AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE IN THE BOOKING PROCESS. Our team members will be in contact with you throughout the stages of your booking to confirm this date.  As soon as you know the date by when you require your prints, let us know immediately so that we can guarantee delivery by that date.

There’s a spelling mistake on one of the team photos. What can I do about it?

Before the photos have been printed.

That’s easy.  If the team photos haven’t been printed advise us as soon as possible, and we’ll fix it in the proofing stage, prior to print.

After the photos have been printed

If the photos have already been proofed and printed, and you notice a spelling error on one of the team photos, don’t panic. Kangaroo Photos offers a 100% Happy Guarantee – if it’s our mistake (ie. We didn’t make a change that you requested), we’ll reprint all incorrect team photos absolutely FREE! And, in the event that you missed something in the proofing stage, or a player’s name was spelt wrong on the official team list, then we’ll reprint one team photo for that player absolutely FREE!


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