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About Our Aussie Rules Action Photo Posters

When you purchase one of our Sports Action Posters, it will arrive exactly how you see it here (except with your choice of images, of course!). Here are some tips about ordering these posters:

Image selection: Try and select images where your player is not obscured by other players or objects. A good clean image is best! 

Main image: Most posters allow you to select the Main Image, that is, the image that is the largest, or in the most prominent position. This gives you more of a say in how your poster will be put together. It’s really important this image is clear of other players, to bring the best result to your poster.

Colour selection: Our editors will colour match your poster to your player’s uniform colours.

Customised editing: We have provided a wide range of poster designs to suit differing tastes. When specific instructions are given, such as cropping, adding or removing elements or additional images (other than designated), additional charges may apply, as this increases the amount of editing time allocated to your poster. You may be surprised at the lengthy time it takes to do seemingly simple requests in graphic design. If your requests are deemed to be additional, our team will contact you and give you a quote. Best bet? Go through all the posters until you find one that suits your taste.

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