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About our Team Photo Designs
& Services

Club Photo organisers have the opportunity to select from our wide range of designs for their club Team Photos.  There are 2 main elements when it comes to choosing your team photo design:

1. Design
The first thing to do is to select the design of your team photo template.  This relates to the background and/or border.  Designs #1 - #4 must be taken indoors, as it requires the photo to be ‘deep etched’ or ‘clipped’ from the background.  If your club prefers to have your photos taken outside or would like a grey or white background in your team photo (a more traditional style), then select from Design #5 or #6.

2. Layout
Our new addition this year is to give you the opportunity to select the layout you would prefer. Team Photos are a tradition, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. At the same time, we respect the traditional aspect and therefore just offer the option of a different layout.
  1. Modern Layout Players are positioned in one line, all standing in a comfortable pose (which varies for each player).  Some players hold a ball, some have their foot on ball, and others may just have their hands on their hips.  This layout has proven to be popular with the clubs that have used this layout so far.  The kids enjoy it and it brings their personality out.  This layout is not suitable for Aussie Rules, as there are too many players in the team to have in one straight line.
  2. Traditional Layout – Our photographers are trained to have an attention to detail that amateur photographers just don’t possess.  Things like socks, feet, consistency and symmetry are all key elements in making a timeless Team Photo.   Our ability to master the traditional layout is second to none.

3. Indoors or outdoors
As mentioned earlier, some template designs require us to take the team photo indoors in order to 'deep etch' the photo and place it on the designed backdrop. If you would like to have your team photos taken outdoors, please make this known at the time of your booking, so that we can guide you through the process. Outdoor bookings (they make beautiful photos, by the way) require an indoor provision in the event of bad weather.

4. 10% Fundraising
Remember all club and event team photo bookings come with an automatic 10% fundraising for your club. Why not earn fundraising income for your club in something that you do every year? No more work is required from you to earn this fundraising. All that's needed is to confirm your booking, and our friendly team will guide you through the process.

5. Proofing
For larger clubs, proofing can be quite a time consuming & arduous task.  Not anymore!  Kangaroo Photos is committed to making the job of organising team photos easier, and that’s why we take on the responsibility of proofing your team photos for you.  Once you’ve selected your template design & layout, you’ll receive a proof of the master template for you to approve.  You’ll get to approve things like colours, club name, club logo and the overall design – to make sure you like it.  Once the photos have been taken and data has been collected, our team of editors will proof your photos for names, quality control matters and contact the individual team manager in the event of any queries.  Having said all that, if you insist on checking them all, just let us know at the time of the booking so that we can get the proofs to you.


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